Sight and Life Vitamin A intake calculator

Thank you very much for your interest in the Vitamin A intake calculator. On this webpage you find all the information (newest software, description,..) to use this software. If you have any comments or suggestions for improvement please send a message to Dr. Juergen Erhardt (

To download the software please click with the right mouse button on this link and save the file vac.exe (save target as) in a temporary directory. The vac.exe file is a self installing program. For installation just click on it in the Windows Explorer. To uninstall the software simply delete the directory of the software. Except the link in the start menue no changes in the Windows system are made. If the installation with this .exe file is not working please unzip this ZIP file link in a new directory and start the vac.exe which is in this ZIP file.

Click on this link to see a description of the software

A compiled and optimized Vitamin A food database can be found with the following links (PDF and Excel format). Please inform us for any improvement (better Vitamin A values, additional foods for inclusion, better Provitamin A conversion factors,..). We hope to have in the longterm an optimized Vitamin A food table which is based on the best available data but still easy to use for the work in the field.