Nutrition Baseline Software

Guidelines and additional Information

To improve the nutritional status and living conditions in communities, it is necessary to determine the nature, magnitude and causes of malnutrition. For this purpose this program has been developed. It is based on the 'Guidelines for Nutrition Baseline Surveys in Communities' by Rainer Gross, Arnfried Kielmann, Rolf Korte, Hans Schoeneberger and Werner Schultink. The program helps in preparing a suitable questionnaire, in entering the data and in evaluating the results. The main purpose of the software is to integrate all steps of a Nutrition Baseline Survey into a single program. The program contains a standard Nutrition Baseline questionnaire which can easily be customized for the specific site, a function for printing out the questionnaire, a data entry unit which controls the data being entered, a specially adapted plausibility check, a report function and a graphics section. The report function enables one to produce with one click the full set of descriptive statistics of a baseline survey and the graphics section contains in addition to the standard graphs specially designed graphics for the anthropometric indices with comparison to the NCHS standard. The anthropometric indices (Z-scores of height-for-age, weight-for-height, weight-for-age) and the prevalence of stunting, wasting, underweight and overweight of children are calculated automatically. For further statistical evaluation the data can be exported to SPSS or any other statistical program.

 greenbal.gif (922 Byte) Download of the Software (since this part of the software was not further updated it is the 2005 version of NutriSurvey.
     At you can find the newer Emergency Nutrition Assessment (ENA) software which is based
     on this program. Since the ENA software is more specific for some purposes this old version might be still useful)

 greenbal.gif (922 Byte) Description of the Software

 greenbal.gif (922 Byte) Guidelines for Nutrition BASELINE Surveys in Communities (PDF)
      from R.Gross, A. Kielmann, R. Korte, H. Schoeneberger and W. Schultink

 greenbal.gif (922 Byte) Rapid Assessment of Nutrition for Nutrition relevant Projects/Programs in Developing Countries (PDF)
     from U. Gross and R. Gross