Description of the Nutrition Baseline Software

First of all, a new nutrition survey has to be prepared. You just have to push the 'Create New Survey' button and a new survey will be created. The features of the new survey will depend on the settings under 'Options'. In this sheet several other functions are available such as opening the survey in a database program or exporting the data to SPSS.

After creation of a new survey, in the sheet "Modify Questions" the questions of the nutrition survey can be changed.

After saving of the modified questions, the next step is the creation of a Questionnaire with the button "Create Questionaire".

The data entry in the sheet 'Data Entry' is the most time consuming part. The entering of case data and dates is controlled..

The next sheet is the plausibility sheet. Depending on the settings under 'Options' several tests will be performed which help correct wrong data..

After selecting the 'Results Grouped' sheet several variables are calculated and added to the database. The BMI of the mother, the z-Scores for anthropometric data of the child (WAZ, WHZ, HAZ), the age of the child in months (AGE, AGE1) and the nutrient intake and nutrient density if foods are available in the questionnaire.
In the 'Result Sheet' three sections are available. The cluster part, the cases/cut points part and the variable group part. In the cluster part it is possible to remove and add variables which should be evaluated as clusters. Case variables are automatically clusters whereas continuos variables must be broken down by specific values. This is possible in the cases/cut points part by entering values separated by a semicolon e.g. 12;24;36;48 for the age in months. For the other variables the cases are automatically integrated. Cases which should not be evaluated can be removed by deleting. The variable group section is important for defining which variables are evaluated for every cluster.

By pushing the Report Button the results are calculated and transferred to Excel. If Excel is not available the result will be exported to a word processing program (MS-Word or Wordpad).

In the Graphics sheet all continuos data can be plotted against all variables. You just have to select the variable for the x- and y-axis. The format of the graphic is selected automatically. For the anthropometric data of children the standard curve of the reference is plotted against the actual data.

In the last sheet it is possible to change some options of the program. They are for the major part self-descriptive.