Information for the Updates



Major revision of the whole software to extend the number of possible nutrients, improving the handling of recipes, extended evaluation of food records and improved search for nutrients in foods.


Updating the USDA database from SR15 to SR19 and modifying the other additional food databases to differentiate unknown values from 0. Until now this differentiation was only integrated in the USDA food database.


Removing of functions (Anthropometric Survey, Linear Programming) which are now better and more sophisticated in special versions of NutriSurvey (you find links for them on this website)


Integration of a new function for the anthropometric development of a child (under 'Calculations/Energy requirement, anthropometry'), format of has been changed


Integration of a new function for anthropometric surveys which makes it much easier to collect anthropometric data, visualization of the current anthropometric status in growth charts, headings and examples for energy requirements and nutrient description can now be modified with a simple function


Faster installation of the program, possibiliy for individual adjustment of diets in the diagram and to sort foods in the main sheet for any nutrient, improvement of client database, integration of  formulas for calculation of anthropometric indices (solving the problem of slightly differing values with EPI Info)


Improving the modification of the food database (adding, deleting and modifying foods is now possible in one simple worksheet)


Correction of some minor errors, improvement of adding deleting and modifying foods, confidence intervals in results of the Nutrition Baseline module, integration of a column for portion sizes in the main spreadsheet,


Several automatic connections with Excel for tabulated output, use of optimal BMI for recommendations, possibility to add additional text for recipes


Correction of an error with Winword templates (only for some computers), addition of a mask for better editing of food values, direct entry of food with the full food code


Under 'Calculation/Linear Programming of the food plan' a new function was added to optimize food plans (for energy, price,..) with linear programming e.g. to find the least expensive diet by fullfilling all requirements and certain amounts of food (minimum and maximum). The calculation of z-Scores for BMI of children is now possible (CDC Data from 2000).


Automatic adaptation of points or commas for decimal numbers, integration of an additional graphic for energy distribution


Calculation of proportion of children with anthropometric indices below -3SD, optional use of MS Word templates for printout


Correction of some minor errors (replacement of German buttons, date entry in anthropometric measurements)


Community part: addition of buttons for the easier modification of questions, implementation of drag and drop procedures in the result part for changing the clusters and variable groups, addition of the new CDC 2000 data for anthropometric comparisons, correction of some small non critical errors in the program

Individual part: easier data entry in the part anthropometry for children, modification of the principle for the food frequency, drag and drop procedures in the nutrient selection sheet