The purpose of ENA for SMART is to make nutrition assessments and mortality rate calculations in emergency situations as easy and reliable as possible. To achieve this it focuses on the most important indicators (anthropometric and mortality data), checks the plausibility of the entered data and gives out an automatic report. Since the software can not explain why children are malnourished or mortality rates are high the results of the survey have to be complemented with other information (e.g. from discussions with key informants, collection of this additional information on the household level is usually not very helpful and has a high risk of reducing the quality of the anthropometric and mortality data).

To install ENA click on the following file ena.exe (Version October 2007). After installation you will find an icon for the program on the desktop.

The program is thoroughly tested and the z-score calculation identical to other programs (EpiInfo, WHO Anthro) but if you should encounter any problems or if you have suggestions for further improvements please send an e-mail to copied to

For those who wish to test and give feedback on changes that are being made to up-date ENA, they can click on ena_beta.exe to install the beta version of ENA. This version of the program is frequently updated (see section on udpates) and users are advised to download the file each time they are planning to do a survey. If you should experience a bug please both describe the bug and send a copy of the datafile that is related to the problem. This version has significant improvements, particularly to the Plausibility check, but should not be generally distributed until the beta-testing is complete.

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